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Late or Overdue Tax ReturnsLate or Overdue Tax Returns

Penalties could apply.

Some people may have forgotten to lodge a tax return or been too busy or it just hasn’t been a priority but whatever the reason for not lodging, the Taxation Office will require you to lodge a return every year if your income is over a certain threshold.

If you have not lodged for some years you may receive a letter from the Taxation Office requesting you to lodge all outstanding returns or, before that happens you may just want to get your affairs in order.  As the Taxation Office has the ability to charge penalties for late lodgement of taxation returns it is in your interest to complete any outstanding returns.  Any penalty will only increase as more interest is applied each year.  We can assist you to get up to date if you have not lodged a prior year’s tax return.  Also we would apply to the Taxation Office to reverse any, or some of the penalties and interest.

girl-504315_640 160Don’t Stress:

“It’s never too late to lodge your late or overdue tax returns”

We can help you to comply.  Our degree qualified staff will assist you and may, by accessing the Taxation Office information be able to supply some of the necessary information for you.  If information is not able to be found we can advise you on the best possible way to get your affairs in order.

Conversely you may be due a refund.  Our firm will complete your Late or Overdue Tax Returns applying current legislation in order that you pay as little tax as is possible for your situation.

Our friendly staff will help fix your problem.

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Why choose BTACS for your Individual Tax Return?


  • Maximise your tax refund
  • Get the right advice from friendly Qualified Professionals
  • Get you tax return FAST with ATO Electronic Lodgment
  • A CPA Qualified Accountant will review your tax return prior to lodgment
  • Feel confident knowing that your tax return is being lodged by Qualified Tax agents
  • Our comprehensive checklist ensures that you’re claiming everything you are entitled to
  • Using Fee From Refund, we can lodge your tax return with no upfront fee
  • Late or Overdue Tax Returns? We can organise to lodge your overdue tax returns
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to lodge a tax return?

Click here to access the ATO calculator, which can tell you whether you need to lodge a tax return.

Are you an Australian resident for tax purposes?

Your residency status for tax purposes is important because it helps determine your liability to pay Australian income tax. Click here to access the ATO website to start the determination of residency tool.

Can I claim motor vehicle expenses for transporting bulky tools and equipment between home and work?

Are you an employee who transports bulky tools and equipment between home and work? To get a tax deduction, it’s not enough to simply choose to carry a few tools – there are some simple rules that apply. Click here to view the ATO video about what you can claim and the records you need to keep.

Can I claim overnight work-related expenses?

If you are an employee and you travel for work and stay away overnight, you may be able to claim a deduction for your costs. Click here to view the ATO video about what you can claim and the records you need to keep.


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Great service 10/10
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They were very helpful and answered all my questions
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Really wonderful, very helpful and great communication
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They are able to accomodate an appointment time with me and made the process of completing my tax simple and stress free
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Prompt and efficient service
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Always great tax service and I feel confident in the service recieved
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Timely management of all my Financial Affairs
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