New Client Offer – $125+GST for An Hour Consultation!* – Business Structure and Advice Brisbane

When dealing with the setup of a new business confusion is often experienced by clients.

BTACS has a policy of discussing strategies and exploring them with you to help you understand the implications of each type of structure.

Choosing the structure and getting it right to start with is very important as fixing an incorrect structure is often not possible or very expensive.  All structures have advantages and disadvantages so the important thing is to setup the one that best suits your business and personal needs and is effective and appropriate for you type of business.

We will discuss with you –

  • Tax implications of each type of structure
  • Comparison of costs of each structure
  • Asset protection implications
  • Legal requirements
  • Ownership and future growth

We at BTACS can guide you through the confusion.

Contact us today for an appointment. 


*Applies to New Client only. We will provide the first 30 minutes of this appointment free of charge in order that we may obtain enough information regarding you and your affairs to be able to adequately advise you on accounting and related business issues. We do have a minimum charge of $125 plus GST for all consultations regarding advice on all matters. Any further advice or if you give us further instructions will be charged out the rate of $250 plus GST per hour.